Investment Advisory

Investment advisory services to guide your financial future

At Narwhal Capital Management, our goal is to protect your wealth and deliver risk-appropriate investment returns. We accomplish this by building customized portfolios across all asset classes with an emphasis on undervalued stocks and a buy-and-hold approach to municipal bonds. We are equipped to manage investments for any client – regardless of portfolio size or structure.

Wealth preservation

Growing capital for future generations

We’re here to help you preserve your wealth for generations to come. No blow-ups, no surprises. We offer an investment committee, tax and accounting team, and client service team made up of talented and creative individuals who are prepared to help you succeed. Our experts have the education and experience required to preserve your capital and produce appropriate returns on your investments.

Personalized portfolios

Personalized investment portfolios tailored to you

We don’t believe in prepackaged portfolios, one-size-fits-all models, or templates. At Narwhal Capital Management, we approach every investment portfolio uniquely to truly curate your experience as a client. We get to know you and your family on a personal level so we can manage your assets in the most appropriate manner for your financial goals. You can rest assured that when we purchase something for your portfolio, it was selected specifically for you.

Unbiased research

Unbiased, in-house research

We don’t rely on others to analyze stocks or tell us what to buy and sell. For every investment we purchase, we produce institutional-level analysis based on independent, unbiased, in-house research. Everything you see in your portfolio is carefully cultivated by our team through each stage of the process.

True transparency

True transparency every step of the way

Our team understands that transparency instills confidence... That’s why we strive to bring intellectual transparency to an opaque industry. We clearly define fees and risks right from the start. We’ll continually walk you through your portfolio performance in relation to the market and answer all your most pressing questions, ensuring you have the education and tools you need to take charge of your financial future.

Let’s start the conversation.

At Narwhal Capital Management, you’re more than just a portfolio, and it’s not all about the numbers. Let’s start with a meeting about your needs and future goals.