Full-Service 401(k) Advisory

Narwhal Capital Management offers comprehensive 401(k) advisory services to trustees, owners, and plan participants. We work one-on-one with owners and operators to track the effectiveness of their plans, educate their employees, and optimize their investments.

Set your employees on the right path to retirement

As a trusted financial advisor, Narwhal works with you to manage and optimize your entire 401(k) plan. We’ll oversee providers and third-party administrators, advise on your fund strategy, and work directly with your employees to provide financial advice.

A trusted partner to your employees and participants

We collaborate with you directly to educate your employees about their retirement, and we work personally with participants to answer questions and evaluate their financial options. If needed, our in-house advisors will sit-down for one-to-one meetings with your employees, serving as a trusted financial advisor to your entire organization.

Our Expertise

Quarterly and annual investment tracking

We track and evaluate your 401(k) funds and investments. We’ll advise whether your investments are performing well on a quarterly and annual basis, and we’ll suggest strategies to better manage your plan.

In-house fund research

With extensive expertise in public equities and fixed income, our in-house financial advisors perform proprietary portfolio and investment research to select fund lineups that are best suited to the needs and goals of your participants.

Full-service fiduciary partner

We shoulder the responsibility of navigating 401(k) enrollment, oversight and strategy for your organization. We’ll provide the expertise to guide your executives and board of directors, and we’ll work to alleviate your fiduciary responsibility during audits.

Get started today

If your organization is in need of a financial advisor to guide your 401(k) strategy or educate your employees on enrollment, reach out to our team to schedule a consultation and get started.