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Reducing stress and building support for your financial goals

We offer comprehensive and project-based financial planning to our investment advisory clients at no additional cost. Services include insurance reviews, retirement planning, philanthropic advice, trust reviews, monitoring of outside money managers, estate planning reviews, educational planning, goal planning, tax review and projections, cashflow planning, debt management, and student loan planning.

We provide a clear picture of your wealth from all angles

At Narwhal Capital Management, we believe knowledge is a prerequisite to true financial well-being. We offer financial planning services to supplement your investments and provide a thorough picture of your financial wellness. We go to great lengths to learn about your short and long-term goals so we can deliver comprehensive and accessible financial planning services tailored uniquely to you.

Our process is founded on discipline

We aim to balance risk and reward by creating a unique Investment Policy Statement for each individual client. Throughout market tumult we remain steadfast, adhering to your specific asset allocation targets. These targets are driven by measurable demographic data as well as your goals, income needs, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon.

Custom portfolios and fixed income strategies

We build customized portfolios primarily through individual equities and fixed-income opportunities . Our equity selection strategy emphasizes companies with balance sheet strength, cash flow generation, a strong mosaic, and appropriate valuations. Our fixed income selection strategy focuses on finding individual bonds with excess return potential without undue credit or duration risk in dynamic interest rate environments.

Our Process

Collaborative Goal Discovery and Analysis

We’ll work with you to evaluate your circumstances and financial health, working to develop actionable steps to maximize your financial strength and life goals. We’ll analyze your current financial assets, reports and projections to identify pathways toward financial growth and longevity.

Recommendations and Planning

We’ll make recommendations and assemble strategies for your retirement planning, insurance coverage, and other areas of personal finance using our extensive financial planning software.

Implementation, Education & Monitoring

After we decide on a financial strategy, we’ll begin implementing our plan and monitoring your financial health. We’ll also work with you on financial education and literacy to ensure you’re informed about every step of the financial planning process.

Get started today

If you are in need of Narwhal Capital Management’s financial planning and advice or would like to speak with a member of our team about personal finance, please reach out to schedule a consultation.