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Aug 08, 2018

What Millennials Should Know About the Home Buying Process

What Millennials Should Know About the Home Buying Process

Before beginning the home buying process, there are important components millennials should keep in mind. It’s crucial to prepare early and consider the financial factors associated with buying a home. Monthly budget, down payment amount and realistic goals should all be a part of the process. While you want to make the best investment possible, being house poor is never the way to go.

Make sure your financials are in order before making your big purchase. Check your credit score and be sure your cash flow will be able to handle monthly mortgage payments. Your credit score is a very important factor that ultimately determines the interest rate your lender will offer you on a mortgage. Make sure to get a copy of your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies to check for any errors or issues that might affect your credit score. Going through the process of getting pre-approved is also a good idea, as it can help show you are a serious buyer.

As a millennial, it can be difficult to determine the types of loans and programs you qualify for. Do your research and talk to a few different lenders to see what offers they have for someone of your age and financial position. First, you will need to get pre-qualified for a loan. This allows the lender to give you an idea of the mortgage that you may qualify for. There is usually no cost involved, and the lender does not look at your credit report. Getting pre-approved is the next step. This process includes various financial background checks and a review of your credit report. This step will give you a better look at the interest rate you will be paying. If you are unable to qualify for a loan with the best rates and terms right now, don’t fret. Continuing to work on your credit and debit to equity ratio will help make you more attractive to lenders and can possibly lead to better loan terms and rates.

There are many choices to be made for a first-time homebuyer. One choice you will face is whether to buy a pre-owned home or a new home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and it is largely a matter of your own preference. New homes might go for a premium, but typically have less maintenance in the early years. Older homes might need more work but would leave more opportunity for “sweat equity” and improvements. The cost of maintaining a home needs to be evaluated regardless of the age of the home. While choosing a neighborhood can seem stressful, there are a few simple ways to narrow down your search. First, identify neighborhoods that are in your budget. Then, evaluate based on things that are important to you. Is it close to your work? Is it walkable? Etc.

The home buying process can be intimidating to anyone at any age. It’s necessary to prepare early and remember to have patience!

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