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Nov 24, 2021

Narwhal Polling Results on the Great Thanksgiving Debate

Narwhal Polling Results on the Great Thanksgiving Debate

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year where friends and family get to enjoy quality time together and have an excuse to eat more food than they probably should. While this holiday is so full of joy, it is also full of dissension… people don’t mess around when it comes to the food that they have been anticipating for 11 months and folks are quick to point out which dishes are superior and which don't deserve a spot at the table. In the spirit of the great debate that arises each November, we decided to poll the employees at Narwhal to get some opinions on these age old questions.

Favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Most Underrated Dish?
Most Overrated Dish?
Superior Turkey Preparation?
Is it stuffing or dressing?

John Grayson

Account Executive

John started at Narwhal as an investment intern in the summer of 2019 while working to complete his MBA at Auburn University. After finishing his schooling, John joined the Narwhal team in a full-time role as a client service associate in the summer of 2020. John has been tasked with servicing a portion of Narwhal’s younger client base as well as expanding the company’s management of outside 401k plans. Along with his MBA, John holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Auburn.

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