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Jun 29, 2018

Intern of the Week - Esther Burton

Intern of the Week - Esther Burton

Get to know our intern of the week, Esther Burton!

Esther is from Kennesaw, Georgia, and will be working with us this summer. During her time with Narwhal Capital Management, she’s looking forward to learning more about the world of business and finance, a world she’s always been exposed to but has never had a chance to delve into. Her goal for the summer is to gain work experience and learn how to best serve others.

Esther’s days are spent completing a wide variety of tasks. Some days she runs errands, while other days are spent aiding in administrative work. Esther’s help allows other employees to work efficiently and ensures that the office runs smoothly. She said, “yesterday I was just running to the post office, and today I am learning about anti-money laundering policies. Every day is different, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

In the fall, Esther will be starting her freshman year at the University of Virginia in the School of Nursing. Though she doesn’t plan on pursuing further education in business or finance, Esther looks forward to learning more about those topics during her internship this summer. “My hope is that I will never confine myself just to the parameters that my educational path has set,” she said. Psychology, journalism, geology, music and economics are among other fields that fascinate Esther.

In her free time, Esther loves snowboarding. She tries to go out West a few times every year to experience different mountains. “I absolutely love it,” she said.

Welcome to the team, Esther!

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